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Detoxification of the body is necessary for physical pain and general malaise due to the systematic use of alcohol or drugs. The physical condition is restored only partially, and the psychological dependence remains. As a rule, narcology is not intended for the complete cure of the disease, but narcology is an integral part of the entire treatment and rehabilitation process. In the general system of our complex treatment, detoxification plays an important role, because taking an addicted person to a rehabilitation course and knowing nothing about his physical condition, we cannot. Narcology is engaged in the first stage and moreover it is the doctors psychiatrists – drug experts who come first to help with a hangover or narcotic breaking.

Detoxification of the body

Our organization assists in choosing a narcological clinic and carries out further services to motivate and rehabilitate the patient. The part that we carry out we can call the final, because work with psychological dependence allows you to get an effective result and restore mental health without encoding services. In any case, you cannot refuse to detoxify, even if you think that your addiction is not so terrible at first glance. Alcohol and drugs affect vital organs and for their own peace of mind it is necessary to pass all tests, clean bloodand liver, drink a course of vitamins and after that go to the rehabilitation and recovery unit. The essential recovery options are there now.

Self-medication is life-threatening; seek timely and qualified medical care. The comprehensive program is described in the sections on how this works, and in this section you will find many useful recommendations and learn how the integrated treatment and rehabilitation program works.

Detoxification of the body is the first and most important step in overcoming addiction. The main task at this stage is the withdrawal of the withdrawal syndrome (or, more simply, breakdown) that occurs when the alcohol or psychoactive substance is completely discontinued.

Detoxification in drug addiction: to whom, how and why is it conducted?

Drug addiction and alcoholism are for the weak! But we will give you strength for a new and healthy life!

To help a patient who is in the abstinence state is much heavier than with ordinary poisoning, because in most cases a person does not adequately perceive his condition. Therefore, the most effective treatment is achieved together with the use of the “12 steps” rehabilitation program, which helps recognize your dependence, reveals great potential and strength of mind, teaches you to analyze your behavior and correct mistakes made in a past life. A comprehensive, serious approach to the problem guarantees a full and happy life in the future, complete freedom from alcohol and drugs. The center takes alcohol and drug addicts in order to undergo detoxification.

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