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Dad’s New Pad

I’ve looked through so many listings for assisted living. Literally I don’t know the best way to get a listing in relation to my area. The last Google link that was posted on my assisted living search was Springfield MA assisted living. I’m from California. I wish I could just click on this link and let the magic happen, because I’ve accidentally browsed this site once or twice under the impression that the company the helps the elderly were based in California. My dad has gotten to an age where he has refused help from those of us that are direct members of his family. To be completely honest, his transition into his golden years have probably in comparison to most, gone completely smooth for me and my family. It’s literally like he wants very much so to be in a home. A real kind of home with all of the furnishings.

I think he may be looking forward to the company and companionship. Also, another thing that has constantly crossed my mind is how little I ever see my father around women his own age. I’m sure he’s not happy being by himself. I think the assisted living home and the prospect of him having the opportunity to surround himself around available women his age is enticing! I really want to find the best and most affordable place. Actually I take that back. The most affordable place is not really a concern or in regard. My father means the world to me so I’ll pay whatever I need to pay if it will help get him in a place that is more suitable to what it is he’s looking for. Although the link I mentioned earlier is really one of the better choices of homes for the elderly, it’s still across many states from me. If there is a place in closer proximity that meets the same standard of living for people in an age range close to my fathers, and if anyone has any suggestions, I would be truly grateful for the help in finding a home for my dad. Normally the love for my father would never allow me to put my father in a home, but knowing how much he desires to be put in a place he sees as exciting, I’m excited to try and find one for him. So here we go off on another life adventure with his best interest in mind.


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