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We are Living in the Future

Seeing is believing. That is the way most people view it. Hearing can be believing as well, just as tasting, touching, etc. When you hear about success stories from well any walk of life really, you begin to believe. Just like how in some religions you can give a testimony, your personal belief history and how you came to the religion you believe in, is like a success story. There are other success stories like with diets, exercise programs, and even medical procedures. The success stories–the real ones–are ones that we can put our faith and hope in. If you get a false story that was made up and presented as truth, now that is a slippery slope that you do not want to deal with. No one wants to be lied to or tricked. No one wants to hear an actor, a paid or otherwise compensated actor, to tell a story presented as truth when in fact it is not true at all.

Medical success stories tend to be the most accurate. You may have the scars to prove it that it happened. You might have the medical records to show that it really did happen. Gastric bypass surgery? A tummy tuck? Did it go well? Sure there are a lot of factors surrounding the procedures themselves, and everyone will have their own success or failure story. Then again everyone starts from a different place weight wise, hormonal wise, diet wise, the whole deal. No two people are that alike though there are ones who come close.

One particular area of the medical field is fertility. Or infertility, depending on how you look at it. Anyway, there are many fertility success stories. Sometimes unexplained infertility is the diagnosis after many test and treatments of both the man and the woman involved. Furthermore, even with that gloomy diagnosis, IVF or in vitro fertilization can prove to be a success! Just trying it can turn out just rosey for everyone! Gender selection success stories are all over the internet for there have been numerous accounts of them. Gender selection is not only IVF but a process in which the gender of the child is chosen before the birth (before the implantation) of the embryo. It is a very neat process and it has really brought us into the twenty first century when it comes to medical discovers and miracles. We are living in the future!


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