Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The Real Facts About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The Gastric sleeve surgery is a recent surgery performed to induce weight loss. The surgery takes away 60 percent of your weight away and is much safer than gastric bypass surgery with less than 1 percent complication after the surgery.

The surgery is performed in the large lower part of the stomach, in which almost 85 percent of the fats removed and rest 15 percent is left which is neatly stapled shut. In this surgery, the nutrients and digestive organs are untouched and only the size of the stomach reduced. The gastric sleeve surgery is also known as sleeve gastrectomy. Other known surgeries for weight loss besides this surgery are gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding.

Reasons To Take Up The Surgery

  • Gastric sleeve surgeryis the first step of a two-stage gastric bypass surgery. Usually, if the person undergoing the bypass is obese and the bypass is extremely risky at this stage, thus gastric sleeve surgery has been performed for those patients to reduce the weight and considered as the first approach.
  • Other cases where it’s considered are:

Sleep apnea meaning the patients breathing stopped or hindered completely through the collapsed airway.

Diabetic Type 2, where the cells are not able to convert the sugar into energy.

Heart diseases

Pre-Preparation And Complications In Surgery

Before undergoing the surgery, few things need has to be restricted for the success of the operation. These include quitting smoking as it has been stated that more than 50 percent who smokes end up with serious lungs and heart diseases after the surgery. They follow a diet two weeks before the operations, as the patient will get habituated to eat less which will help the patient to adjust after the surgery as well, and the diet is composed of protein rich food and lots of fluids.Even though it is a laparoscopic surgery, it involves complications such as sleeve leaking, infections, blood clots, nausea, stroke and heart attack during surgery, blood loss and inflamed stomach lining.Following the correct pre and post surgery diet correctly gives you the best result out of this surgery


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