Carrageenan- Does it causes cancer?

In today’s era, cancer has become one of the most potent diseases which is very hard to be detected in its initial phases. Its malignant cells multiply in the body of its patients, devouring him day after day. This potent disorder is caused also by unhealthy eating but carrageenan cancer is definitely a myth because it has been given the place of one of the safest additive that can be used in the food and this level is given to it by one of the agency of United Nations, which is: World Health Organization.

How is Carrageenan prepared?

The process of preparing carrageenan is not very complicated and is basically derived from the seaweeds which can be found in any kitchen. The people of Ireland used to do it similarly many years ago. The entire process goes as under: the seaweed is cooked in a salt. Salt is used in small quantity only. After this, alcohol is added and is put in the blender so that the natural carrageenan can be released. This entire process is purely natural and carrageenan cancer cannot be erupted when it is consumed. It is not at all adulterated and has nothing which will lead to inflammation in the body.

Poligeenan is only used in the early phase of its processing. It is just used as a warm up in the commencement of the process of carrageenan and so it cannot be regarded as the component of carrageenan. In addition to this, no extreme severe processing is brought under exploitation while preparing it. It involves less processing and more of natural resources.

Hub of naturopathy

Carrageenan can be regarded as the hub of naturopathy. It has got nothing adulterated in it and natural reserves never harm the human body. People who think that it causes cancer are of course oblivious about the complete facets of carrageenan.


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